Cookbook Club #1

Welcome to our new blog series, discussing the best in the cookbook world. Every few months we’ll give you our top 3 picks of the best cookbooks, with recommended recipes from each one.

We’d love your recommendations, so if you’ve got some great cookbooks you think we need to try get in touch!

We’re diving in head first and going with one of my go to cookbooks for most occasions..


I’m not a veggie myself, but this book is awesome for sweet, savoury, meals in a hurry and meals to impress. It’s one of my all time favourites.

Here are the recipes you NEED to try..

SMOKY PEPPER AND WHITE BEAN QUESADILLAS ready in no time this is the perfect mid-week dinner, with smoked paprika and buttery white beans these cheesy quesadillas are perfect with a side of green salad.

BLACK-EYED BEANS WITH CHARD AND GREEN HERB SMASH a comforting bean stew with a beautiful ‘herb smash’, which is almost like a pesto but with so much more flavour from the chillies, walnuts and hint of lemon.

HONEY AND ORANGE RICOTTA AND BAKED FIGS super speedy yet amazing dessert, perfect for when figs are in season or if not plums work so well with the sweet ricotta and orange.

A Modern Way to Cook: Over 150 quick, smart and flavour-packed recipes for every day: Jones, Anna: 9780008124496: Books


I love the mini Leon cookbooks and the ‘Sweet Treats’ one is great for a keen baker.

Here are the bakes you NEED to try..

LEON CHOCOLATE MOUSSE chocolate mousse is my ultimate dessert and this one is honestly the best I’ve tasted, light airy mousse with gorgeous silky dark chocolate and a hint of orange.

ROASTED PEACHES sometimes simple is better and that’s definitely the case with this one, perfect sweet sticky peaches great served with cream or silky vanilla ice cream.

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE I love the addition of the ginger nuts in the base of this creamy baked cheesecake, they go beautifully with the tangy blueberry topping.

Little Leon: Sweet Treats: Naturally Fast Recipes eBook : Leon Restaurants Limited: Books


I love a good Jamie cookbook, and this one is no exception. The best quick and easy meals for mid-week dinners, with only 5 ingredients to save money and keep it simple.

Here are the recipes you NEED to try..

SMOKY PANCETTA COD beautifully flaky fish wrapped in pancetta with lentils, which are packed with flavour, and fresh greens.

COMFORTING SAUSAGE BAKE I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve cooked this one, a great one pot with sweet tomatoes, crispy focaccia, meaty sausages and buttery white beans.

CHERRY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE another mousse (I told you it was my favourite!) with the addition of the sweet, syrupy cherries this is like black forest in one pot.

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food: Jamie’s most straightforward book: Oliver, Jamie: 9780718187729: Books